DIY Farmhouse Desk

Hi! Its me, Amber from Averie Lane, again! We've been hard at work on our little farmhouse over winter break. Currently we are tackling our "studio" (I use that term very loosely considering its just a basement bedroom!) You can see the before shots HERE. I love me some white paint to change a space! When we started working on the studio makeover, one of the things I really wanted and desperately NEEDED was a larger work surface. My desk needed to hold my computer, an x-large printer, paint supplies and have enough open work space to package orders.
That's not asking too much is it?
Well, lucky for me I hoard things and this time it paid off. I found this metal folding table at a yard sale for $10 last summer and snagged it right up. From the moment I saw it I knew the base was perfect but the top was just old plywood and wasn't suitable for a work surface. It was also about 3 feet smaller than it needed to be to fit the wall in the office so we decided the best solution was to build a new top and attach it directly to the old one.
DIY Farmhouse Desktop
Here's how we built it:
Our desktop was designed to fit a specific wall, but these numbers could easily be adjusted to work in any space.
Supply & Cut List: (*some of these links are affiliates, which means I make a tiny percentage off of the item if you buy it, but it does not change the price of the product for you! Its an easy way to fund more DIYs! Thanks for your support!)
4 2x10x8ft cut to 82 1/2 inches
1 2x10x8 ft cut to 34 3/4
Table Saw ( we have this one )
Sand Paper
Finish - We chose Weatherwood Stains "Pining"
The first step in building the table is to rip down the length of each board to take off the rounded edge that it comes with. This will allow your boards to sit snug without a groove in between.
DIY Farmhouse Desktop - building a table top
Next cut your boards to the length desired (ours were 82 1/2 inches) and for the bread board ends (34 3/4 inches).
Then, drill Kreg Jig holes approx 1 ft apart on the bottom of each board - see diagram below.
DIY Farmhouse Desktop - Kreg Pocket Hole Placement
DIY Farmhouse Desktop - kreg jig
Once all the holes are drilled you can then join all the boards together. Clamps are helpful to make sure your boards don't get out of whack.
DIY Farmhouse Desktop
Finally, fill each Kreg hole with a plug. This is optional, but gives a very professional finish. Next, sand according to your finish instructions. 
DIY Farmhouse Desktop - pocket hole plugs
The desktop waiting to be moved inside. Its too cold here right now to do the finish outside. Lucky for us, the finish we chose is low VOC, which means its perfectly safe to use indoors! 
DIY Farmhouse Desktop before stain
We chose to work with a product called Weatherwood Stains Pining*. The product is a reactive stain which means, it oxidizes the wood by reacting with the tannin in the wood, just like it would over time if left out in the elements. In this case Pining is designed for low tannin woods like pine, spruce & fir. Basically any of your common white woods found in the lumber aisle. 
Weatherwood Stains Pining - DIY Farmhouse Desk
Pre- stain!
 DIY Farmhouse Desk
I put together a short video so you can see exactly how the stain reacts with the wood. 
It turned out awesome, don't you think? I was surprised by how the wood changed color over the dry time. This product isn't exactly an inexpensive option for staining when you compare to regular stains, but it has several advantages that make it worth the cost. 
  •  The smell is pleasant if you don't mind the smell of vinegar.
  •  Easy clean up with water! 
  •  Unlike regular stain, it actually changes the wood as it reacts with the tannins which means its legit weathered wood! I can't tell you how many stain recipes I've concocted trying to recreate this exact finish. We just stained our dining room table and I am kicking myself for not waiting for this stain to get here (we were in a pinch since we were hosting Christmas dinner.)
  • A little goes a LONG way! We did one coat and on a 24 sq ft table and we still have 90% of the can left.  
Its almost studio reveal time! I can't wait!
*The friendly people at Weatherwood Stains were kind enough to send me a quart of their Pining Stain to try free of charge. As always all opinions are my own and not influenced by the sponsor.